Poetry – One of the Lads – John Phillips

John writes poems and stories. He has just brought his first book out – it’s called Shorts and shots.

This poem focusses on patriotism, nationalism and the rancid distorted result. People like Jimmy, in olden times, were the nutcases we used in the front line to attack the enemy and defend us. They were vital to success. Now they are anachronisms. In the modern world they have no place. They are a liability. In a civilised world, a multicultural society, these idiots need locking up.

This is a poem from that book:

One of the lads


Jimmy was a warrior, Jimmy was a man;

Jimmy fought for England, Jimmy was a fan.

Jimmy had a Union Jack tattooed across his chest;

With steel-capped toes upon his boots; a bulldog on his vest.


Jimmy fought the Football wars with head and fists and feet.

He fought them on the terraces, he fought them in the street.

He fought with stones and bottles; he fought with clubs and chains;
His name was feared in all the pubs; he was banned from all the games.


Jimmy hated foreigners, his tongue would rant and shout;

To smash the Blacks, to gas the Jews, to one-day, kill a Kraut.

He claimed he was a patriot, his countries needs to serve;

And Any Bastard In The Way would Get What They Deserved!


Jimmy s end came suddenly whilst lying on his bed,

With fourteen pints of lager and a lighted cigarette.

They said it was a tragedy, they said he was n’t bad.

They said he was a hero. Just one of the lads.

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