Boobs – what are they about?

Boobs – what are they about?


I was inspired to write a blog on boobs after reading a post by Jess from Half Girl Half Teacup.

Boobs – what a strange phenomenon or is it phenomena (there are usually two of them).

Everybody is obsessed with them.

boobs 2

Guys are nuts about them and can’t get enough.

Girls are worried about them all the time. They are either too big or too small. They pay billions for cosmetic implants. It’s the end of the world if they have to have a mastectomy. Young girls worry about not having any.

Boobs dominate everyone’s thoughts.

The Fugs

Boobs A Lot

Do you like boobs a lot?
(Yes, I like boobs a lot.)
Boobs a lot, boobs a lot.

(You gotta like boobs a lot.)
Really like boobs a lot.
(You gotta like boobs a lot.)
Boobs a lot, boobs a lot.
(You gotta like boobs a lot.)

But why?

They are obviously not there for the feeding of babies. Gorillas and chimps (our very close cousins) don’t have them and they feed their babies perfectly OK. In fact only 10% of a boob is glandular. 90% is adipose tissue (fat). If girls have boobs that are too big they find it hard to breast feed – the smaller the better is the rule.

So what are they for?

They are simply a secondary sex characteristic to attract males. Males like boobs a lot.

The trouble is that they are a bloody nuisance that women have been saddled with for thousands of years. They cause nothing but trouble (oh I know that a lot of girls like to flaunt their boobs and love the effect they have on men – but that hardly compensates in my opinion). Boobs get in the way. They are not built for running. They are not built for fighting. They have a short life (they head south rapidly if unsupported). They are cumbersome (guys – trying strapping two big bags of sugar to the front of your chest and see if they slow you down and get in the way).

They probably stopped women competing on a level playing field in primitive times. They could not hunt so well.

Women athletes tend to reabsorb their breasts.

The firmness of breasts denote fertility. Young girls are fertile. Older women are less so. The more pert the breasts the more fertile the girl.

Of course with modern technology women have conspired to keep their breasts pert longer and support them so they appear more pert than they are in order to subvert male proclivities. Men are easily fooled.

So why did something so useless and detrimental evolve?

Well Desmond Morris postulates that it is all to do with our bipedal evolution.

With chimps, gorillas and early man the quadrupedal nature of ambulation meant that the male face was lower down and the main focus of male attention was on the rump of the female – hence her rounded buttocks and reddened labia. The buttocks and labia were the main attractants.

When we walked upright the buttocks were nowhere near so visible so substitutes were evolutionarily selected. The boobs and big red lips took on the role of the buttocks and labia.

Aaah!! What does it tell us?

Men are such fools.

A little bit of lipstick and a push-up bra will take all the blood away from their brains. All they see and think about is boobs (and lips, labia and buttocks of course).

15 thoughts on “Boobs – what are they about?

  1. Now Opher, if you were to ask a thousand Women what they thought about ‘boobs’ they would most certainly assume you we’re inquiring about Men they have known! 🤭😀

      1. Aw, though… Men are lovely and vulnerable as well. I have sons, and I listen and observe. I have learned a lot from them. on the subject of your recent post brings me to ask you how your trip is going (the sightseeing?) 😀
        I have really been enjoying the many subjects and intellect within your blog. You are a memorable writer! I love that you have gone to so many concerts! And I admire your fairness when it comes to other people’s opinions on religion, politics, Etc. That is a perfect example of opening the floodgates to peace! ☀️ You have truly lived! It is a beautiful thing when people can prosper from their living! My sister was a teenager in the 60s. I wish it could have been me! Fads and music, things like that have changed drastically. The 60s had its share of riots! Remember the SLA (Patty Hearst) or the black Panthers? So much history to learn from for great change to come about. And yet, through it all…The mighty ‘Boobs’ remain powerful! 😀

      2. I feel that I have been extremely privileged to have lived through such amazing times, to have been able to travel, meet extraordinary people, experience nature, see the most incredible wildlife, and enjoy, art, music, drama and dance.
        It is so great to spent time on our little planet!
        The 60s was a magical age. People were striving to make things better. There was optimism among the tear gas!
        I do believe in pluralism and tolerance even if at times I do not always live up to my ideals.
        My philosophy is to live your philosophy and fill every second!
        You are much too kind!

      3. Beautully written Opher! I remember my sister always listening to Cheap Thrills! Janis Joplin was out of this world amazing! What a voice! It told a thousand stories. You didn’t have to like her to hear her! Have you ever heard her sing the song ‘The Rose’? Unbelievably feeling! Enjoy your adventures with vibrant eyes!

      4. I adored Cheap Thrills – what a character! I have everything she did (and a number of things she didn’t)! She packed a lot into a short time!
        I’m storing up the present for the future! I’m trying to change the present so the future’s better for those who follow! We are drips in the ocean but if there are enough drips!

      5. Yes! Janis Joplin was colorful! I would have loved to have known her and laughed with her! I once heard somewhere, I can’t remember where that Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix we’re having sex in a motel room, and that she was so loud that people called the police because they thought there was a women in distress! If that’s a true story I love! Opher, we are drips, and there are many more, even right here at WP! Listening to my sons and their friends talk,they are a generation of Truth. They’re trying to decipher lies that have been told to them and passed down from Generations. It’s a long process. We won’t be here to see peace, only the piece of our own soul.But If mankind can hold out I believe peace will come. The human spirit is wearing thin. Eventually people will grow weary of the hate and the violence and demand peace!? And turn their hearts away from harm.Young people must figure it out for themselves on what to do. There is no time like the NOW to demand a change! I’m pretty good about ignoring the negativity how about you!? It just saddens me that the capability to give out hatred seems to be the way for so many. Thank you for sharing some precious time of your life to send me a reply I appreciate that very much! Thank you for making your Life worth living… That in itself makes all the difference in the world!☀️😀

      6. Everything passes, everything changes – in the times of darkness I always bear that in mind. The time of hate, division and lies will be replaced by love, unity and truth. It is coming but it needs fighting for. The extreme right have had their day and the fruit is there for all to see.
        I try not to let the nastiness get to me but I do get very angry. So many people are so gullible and so stupid. But there is compassion, tolerance and care.
        What distresses me most is what we are doing to nature.

      7. It’s just a heartbreaking shame that we have this privilege, this honor, this beauty of living…and we make such a mess of it! Comfort and warmth to you and yours always Opher!☀️

      8. You are so right. We live in a miracle and we take it all for granted, abuse it and do not appreciate the wonder inside us and all around us. I find it tragic.
        May you prosper Myth.

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