Rock Album Recommendations – Michael Smith – Mi Cy-aan Believe It

537 Essential Rock Albums cover

This was number 37 in my book.

Michael Smith – Mi Cy-aan Believe It
It is a great injustice that this album is not available on CD. It is one of the best reggae albums ever made.

Michael was an outspoken, political Dub-poet from the early seventies. He was an inspiration for the likes of Linton Kwesi Johnson.

Legend has it that Michael was stoned to death by an angry mob after speaking out at a political rally. Jamaica was a scary place.

Michael had the most amazingly rich voice which was highly emotive and his poetry was so original. There are poems and songs. It starts with the short poem ‘Black ‘n’ White’ which melds into ‘Mi feel it’ with its hypnotic and highly original bass line. The Reggae music is heavy and dense with rhythm and power and would be incredible on its own. When married to words of this quality it goes up another notch. It was truly outstanding.

This album has the fabulous poem that is the title track but it also has amazing tracks like ‘Long time me no have no fun’, ‘Picture or no picture’ and ‘It-a come’. It was brilliant reggae with great poetry and political sentiments.

How can something of this quality remain unreleased?

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