Opher’s World – A cynical view of what the politicians are doing to education. Statistics, bureaucracy and strangulation by clip-board!


Education – the perversion into mindless vacuity and statistics.

We teach the young to read and write; two tools that have unlimited power to expand the mind. At once all knowledge and wisdom is at their finger-tips – the greatest thoughts of the greatest men and women; the most wonderful poems, the most brilliant use of prose to paint pictures in the mind. All power resides in their hands to take the electricity in their minds and paint their own pictures to enthral, elucidate and educate others.

Reading and writing are the greatest pleasures in life. They excite and open doors to other universes.

We teach them to read so that they can read the adverts that sell rubbish they do not need, read the texts that indoctrinate and befuddle, read trivia that serves no other purpose than to titillate and pass the time, read the political pamphlets that lie and deceive and set in motion the mechanism of their own downfall.

Perhaps it is best they never learnt to read at all?

We teach them to write so that they might sign the cheques, agreements and mortgages that sell their souls, send the texts that talk of nothing and deliberately misspell and destroy the grammar so that all understanding of the beauty of language is negated.

Perhaps it would be better never to have learnt to write at all?

What we need is the education that creates the awe and wonder, reveals the beauty and discloses truth. An education that makes a joy of language and thrills and excites in a way that statistics cannot measure.