Abolish all Public Schools (Private Schools) – It’s the only way to ensure good funding.


Until such time as all the millionaire business-people, politicians and establishment have to send their children to the bog-standard comprehensive we will never get the level of funding necessary to create a brilliant education system.

While an elite can give their children advantage and privilege by means of a cheque-book there will never be a level playing field.

The establishment actually have a vested interest in keeping the rest of the people down. It reduces competition. Their children can prosper at the expense of ours.

There is no reason why our children should suffer inner-city deprivation, shoddy classrooms, over-crowding, political dogma, bureaucracy, poor teachers and unimaginative lessons. Down the road the Toffs Public Schools have plenty of funding, no political interference, Ofsted or National Curriculum and can buy in the best. If one of their students is floundering they target endless support and nurture them through. While in the State system where it is fraught, under-funded and over-controlled tyranny, redeployment, sacking and fear is the order of the day.

I bet if the rich had to go to a State School we’d soon find funding and standards shooting through the roof.

Read what a highly successful ex-Secondary Headteacher has to say. I’m the only one making sense!

4 thoughts on “Abolish all Public Schools (Private Schools) – It’s the only way to ensure good funding.

  1. Why shouldn’t people have the freedom to spend their money on education for their children? It’s essential freedom of choice. I went to a state school but I respect the right of others to attend public schools if they so wish and are prepared to pay for it. A public school education is not necessarily better than a state school education. In Calderdale the public school Rishworth ranks lower in the education rankings than the 2 grammar schools and lower than the comprehensive, Trinity Academy. Your educational philosophy belongs in an authoritarian state.

      1. Everyone deserves excellence – not just those who can afford it. The State system is starved of funding. I do not believe it will be properly funded until the establishment have to use it too.

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