The projects I am currently working on.

My days are filled with writing. I love every minute of it.

Project 1 – Nick Harper – The Wilderness Years

I am currently working with Nick on a book to come out with his Triple Album ‘Best of’ set.

I have written some 89 pages so far. We will have lyrics, photos and anecdotes. It’s taking shape. It will come out at the end of the year.

Project 2 – Ebola in Eden

This is a Sci-fi book I started writing in 1996. It is now through its second draft and is complete. I will be shortly sending it round publishers.

Project 3 – Opher’s World tributes to Rock Geniuses.

I have been releasing a number of tributes on my blog. They appear very popular and I’ve had good feed-back. I am in the process of doing a number more and rewriting them into a book.

That should be complete in three months time.

Project 4 – Ruminating on Roy Harper

I’ve have been friends with Roy Harper for nearly fifty years. This is the story of my life as it connects with his world. it is insightful and gives a good perspective to Roy and the world of Rock.

I have completed the book in first draft. It is off with Roy to write a forward. As I write this he is in the middle of a trial so I don’t think he is giving it too much attention. However he assures me he will write an intro for it soon.

I will then either publish it myself or look around for a publisher. This could be out in the Summer.

After that I will write up the 537 Essential Rock Albums pt. 2 and have two novels sitting in my head.

That should make it a busy 2015!!

I hope I’ve whetted your appetites as much as I have my own!

On the non-writing front I’m heading to travel through the northern deserts of Australia camping in the wilderness and then to New Zealand. One life-time is not nearly enough!

Opher Jan 25th 2015.

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  1. Hi, you said you were looking for photos of Nick for the book. I have a few (14) from a gig at the O2 in Glasgow on Feb 2008 which I’d be happy to share if you feel they would be of any use to you.

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