A Limerick for Trump – a poem (of sorts)

A Limerick for Trump 

There was a spoilt rich kid called Trump

Who liked to get his hands on some rump.

He generated fake newsSo all of us lose

And divided the world with a thump! 

What an ironic idiocy! A superrich, privileged, spoilt rich kid who has had it all laid out on a plate, with a history of exploitation, cheating, lying and racism, is pretending to care for working people.This formicating, immoral snake oil salesman also appeals to the evangelists.How gullible can people be?He hasn’t got a clue what he’s doing, cosying up to Putin and Kim Jong Un, pushing away NATO and the UN. Spreading fake news, undermining the media, science and all experts (except when it comes to dealing with his own affairs), denying climate change, hurling threats and abuse, interfering with other countries politics, creating wars and violence, and generally being coarse, rude and obnoxious.

The Spoilt Kid

The Spoilt Kid   A pampered mummy’s boy Silver spoon in mouth A renowned playboy Now it’s all gone south.   A failed businessman Inheriting a fortune Played with Russian money Now sings a different tune.   Used to doing what he wants To bribe, threaten and take Inciting an election steal Could be a big mistake   Used to a massive limousine Up ahead the road narrows They are finally closing in: ‘Would sir prefer stripes or arrows?’   Opher – 5.8.2023
  His Daddy was a racist thug who made his cash from cheating. His Mummy spoilt him terribly. Inheriting a fortune he proceeded to waste it on the life of a playboy. Arrogant and elitist. He took what he wanted. Sex and drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. But still the Christians love him. He’s a populist tyrant promising them what they want – guns and babies, walls and racism. Make America what it never was. It always was a three tier society; the wealth always went straight to the top. The blacks and poor whites were always screwed and sold a phoney dream. This billionaire has been greedily feeding himself and his chums while holding out a fake dream. Make Trump Great Again!!

Poetry – Petulance defined

Petulance defined

Petulant, divisive, arrogant and vengeful.

He’s a man who wants to build a wall.

Narcissistic, belligerent and tyrannical.

Religious and conservative most hypocritical.

If he had his way he’d practice genocide.

But who he’d include he can’t yet decide.

Not the South Koreans or Russians for sure.

Probably just the people outside of his door.

Opher – 5.6.2020

Trump has become a tyrant, a totalitarian monster. He tramples over conventions, rights and laws.

Given more time he would completely dismantle the political system so that he could control everyone.

If you are not for him you are against him and you need crushing.

He’s a fascist.

The Spectre of Trump hangs over the Republican Party.

The wave of populist fascism seems to be dwindling, with its fake patriotic/nationalistic/religious fanaticism. The fascists overstepped with their insane Trump-inspired attempt to overthrow a lawful election and storm the Capitol.

The bulk of America sees Trump for what he is – a criminal conman who has used them to make money. His intelligence is poured into his deviousness. His ignorance and callous self-interest have created a horror show.

He cynically based his strategy on the extreme nutcases of the Tea Party. He drummed up fear, hate and division for his own ends. He was good at it. Using his TV notoriety he set out to support the extreme right-wing, unite them under a bogus MAGA banner, an illusory dream, a deliberate lie, and tie in the gullible evangelists and NRA (the right to bear arms banner) to create a large enough, unlikely fanatical minority sufficient (given the complacency and unwillingness to vote of a large proportion of Americans) to get him elected.

Now that the bulk of Americans have woken from their thrall and rejected fascism Trump is left with insufficient support to get him re-elected, but, that rump of arrogant fascist extremists are still there in the GOP ripping it to bits.

It’s very much like the way that Johnson and the ERG took over the Tory Party, imposing a self-destructive Brexit on us, wrecking the Public Services and breaking Britain.

Fascism doesn’t work!

Trump has a lot to answer for. The sooner he’s locked up the better. Did you see that smug Trumpist – Slimy Matt Gaetz.