The Spoilt Kid

The Spoilt Kid   A pampered mummy’s boy Silver spoon in mouth A renowned playboy Now it’s all gone south.   A failed businessman Inheriting a fortune Played with Russian money Now sings a different tune.   Used to doing what he wants To bribe, threaten and take Inciting an election steal Could be a big mistake   Used to a massive limousine Up ahead the road narrows They are finally closing in: ‘Would sir prefer stripes or arrows?’   Opher – 5.8.2023
  His Daddy was a racist thug who made his cash from cheating. His Mummy spoilt him terribly. Inheriting a fortune he proceeded to waste it on the life of a playboy. Arrogant and elitist. He took what he wanted. Sex and drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. But still the Christians love him. He’s a populist tyrant promising them what they want – guns and babies, walls and racism. Make America what it never was. It always was a three tier society; the wealth always went straight to the top. The blacks and poor whites were always screwed and sold a phoney dream. This billionaire has been greedily feeding himself and his chums while holding out a fake dream. Make Trump Great Again!!

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