A Judge, A Jury and the Truth   

Once again America flirts with fascism!!

A Judge, A Jury and the Truth                 

He thinks he’s untouchable But they’ve got the proof                

He showed  top secret documents                                 Under his roof.

He still thinks he’s immune                 And will win at the booth

Now he’s spitting feathers                 Turning from orange to puce

Standing defiant                 A sex pest uncouth                                

He always escapes But now he’s long in the tooth                

A meeting with destiny A Judge, A Jury and the Truth!!  

Opher – 4.8.2023

  I think he really thinks he is above the law. He’s certainly a slippery customer and has wormed his way out of many a scrape that would have seen others locked up. Whether it’s molesting women, shady deals with Russians, tax evasion, very dodgy business deals, threatening officials, trying to overturn an election, inciting violence  or storing away Top Secret documents in his shower, something is going to stick. He is a dodgy conman selling a phoney dream to desperate gullible people. He doesn’t care about democracy. He thrives on division and hate. Once it was Crooked Hilary, now it’s Crooked Biden, but the real crook is the spoilt rich-kid who wants to run a fascist State.

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