The Spectre of Trump hangs over the Republican Party.

The wave of populist fascism seems to be dwindling, with its fake patriotic/nationalistic/religious fanaticism. The fascists overstepped with their insane Trump-inspired attempt to overthrow a lawful election and storm the Capitol.

The bulk of America sees Trump for what he is – a criminal conman who has used them to make money. His intelligence is poured into his deviousness. His ignorance and callous self-interest have created a horror show.

He cynically based his strategy on the extreme nutcases of the Tea Party. He drummed up fear, hate and division for his own ends. He was good at it. Using his TV notoriety he set out to support the extreme right-wing, unite them under a bogus MAGA banner, an illusory dream, a deliberate lie, and tie in the gullible evangelists and NRA (the right to bear arms banner) to create a large enough, unlikely fanatical minority sufficient (given the complacency and unwillingness to vote of a large proportion of Americans) to get him elected.

Now that the bulk of Americans have woken from their thrall and rejected fascism Trump is left with insufficient support to get him re-elected, but, that rump of arrogant fascist extremists are still there in the GOP ripping it to bits.

It’s very much like the way that Johnson and the ERG took over the Tory Party, imposing a self-destructive Brexit on us, wrecking the Public Services and breaking Britain.

Fascism doesn’t work!

Trump has a lot to answer for. The sooner he’s locked up the better. Did you see that smug Trumpist – Slimy Matt Gaetz.