The UN Vote – 141 countries condemn Russia’s evil war!! Time for action!!

This clearly shows the need for the United Nations. It is the moral compass of the world.

141 nations voted in favour of a UN General Assembly motion condemning the invasion of Ukraine, while just five – Belarus, North Korea, Eritrea, Syria and Russia – opposed it

Well, Belarus and Russia would, wouldn’t they? They are the evil bastards invading Ukraine. Syria owes its survival on Russian intervention. It’s where they practised reducing cities to rubble and blowing up women and children (after doing the same in Chechnia). Eritrea and North Korea are both repugnant tyrannies run by evil dictators who are quite at home with treating their own people with callous cruelty. For them to vote against violence would be hypocritical.

35 abstained!! Of those China and India were two main players. China, because of this weird alliance of communist states against the West and India because, stupidly it has got itself heavily reliant on Russian military hardware (perhaps the poor reliability of the Russian equipment will indicate to them that this is a big mistake).

It is interesting to see the alliances, dependencies and evil so graphically displayed in numbers!!

What is really needed now is for the UN to have teeth. Having had such a vote it would be good if the UN were now able to step in, put a halt to the fighting and apply sanctions to Russia.

I want a world with more scrutiny and accountability. The architects of this war need hauling up in front of the world’s court and prosecuted for their actions.

If Putin and his Generals were made to pay for their actions we might see steps taken against the other warmongers from Iran, Somalia, Syria, Yemen, Nigeria and the rest.

We’re getting close to having the means.

Hold the Warmongers to account!!