Poetry – That’s Life

That’s Life

An instant.

All change.


Going along so ordinary –

One moment,

That’s all,



Never saw it coming.


By mundanity.

Proceeding so steadily –


A brick wall

And gone!

It happens

So often,

So predictably.

That’s life!

Opher 13.12.2015

That’s Life

I was writing a book when the email arrived. One of my good friends from long ago had suffered a stroke.

He was recovering. He talked of having to relearn skills – like walking and playing the guitar.

He was an amazing guitar player. When I last saw him he played a few numbers for us. It was beautiful. I told him he should have been on stage. He replied that he gets too nervous to be a performer.

It brought reality home to me.

My mind drifted – there are so many people who are no longer here.

Life goes on and everything is the same, each new day you open your eyes and the sun rises. But one day will be different. The sun will not rise. The pain, the letter, the feeling will arrive that will alter your world. One day it will not be the same.

That is sad.

But that is also a lesson.

We should make the most of every day. We should savour it and maximise each moment. We are adrift in the midst of wonder. Wonder cannot last forever. To make each moment full and perfect is all that we can do. There is not a moment to be wasted.

Pete is relearning the guitar. I hope to hear his genius decorate my world again in the near future. I’m sure it will.