Poetry – The Merry-Go-Round

The Merry-Go-Round

We’re spinning around

On a giant cosmic merry-go-round.

Everything changes

But comes back to the same place,

Slightly different.

There is a new start,

A chance to create something better.

The cycle is turning,

A new age beginning.

Time to be effervescent.

Breathe in the optimism,

The end of division,

As the positive ions

Flood the zeitgeist

Making everything pleasant.

Opher – 9.10.2020

It feels to me as if we’ve been through a terrible negative cycle – a time of war, terrorism, religious fanaticism, environmental catastrophe, climate change and mass migration. We live in a world driven by massive inequality, greed and poverty.

It has resulted in us electing populist leaders, Brexit, distrust, lies, fake news and division. Leaders stoke up the fear and hate for their own ends. There is smoke on the air from the riots and forest fires.

But I can smell something better on the wind, something sweet. It’s the wind of hope, the wind of change.

I think that we can come together to solve the problems and build something so much better.

The merry-go-round is turning. Times are changing. The zeitgeist is becoming more positive. We’re entering into a new age.