Australia – Hamilton Island – around town with tame wild birds.

We walked around town and out to the yacht club. They even let us in! There were wild birds so tame they came to eat from your table when we stopped for a bite to eat. There was a sculpture park and a lot of expensive boats.

This is where the wealthy come to hang out! I can see why. It is beautiful.

I wonder if they get out into the forest to explore?

Awe and wonder – the incredible beauty of birds.

It is amazing to see the wondrous things that evolution has produced. Birds in particular have come up with the most incredible array of colours, feathers and shapes – truly awesome.

We can only look in delight.

The sad thing is that so many of them are now becoming extinct due to the devastation of their natural habitat. Rainforest clearance is robbing the world of immense beauty.

Thank you to all the photographers who show us these wonders!

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