Poetry – The Tornado

The Tornado

Spinning round and round

In ever decreasing circles.

Whipping back and forth,

Sucking the spirit dry

With a whirlwind

Of lies.

Brexit, Covid and inequality,

Cronyism, power hikes

And increased poverty.

Sleaze, corruption,

Profiteering, tax hikes

And a fucked economy.

Round and round,

Spinning out of control

In a tornado

Of lies.

Global Warming, trade deals,


Species diversity.

Racism, AUKUS, National Insurance hikes,

Hostile environments,


Pay cuts, rising prices,

No levelling up,

Just tragedy.

Round and round

Ever faster

A cyclone, a whirlwind

A tornado of disaster!

Opher – 22.9.2021

All around us the horrendous debris of incompetent government is there for all to see.

The lies pile up.

The empty promises scattered to the winds.

The mess of Brexit caught up in the shrouds of Covid. The pay cuts and huge profit hikes for billionaires put the lie to levelling up.

Instead we have tax rises, national insurance rises, general price rises, soaring energy costs, firms going bust, empty supermarket shelves, no HGV drivers, no fruit an veg pickers, low wages, benefit cuts, covid deaths, and millions given away to Tory donors, millions given to bogus firms and fixers, millions spent on holidays, wallpaper and pub landlords, millions taken in Greenswill’s illegal lobbying. While MPs walk away through a revolving door into multimillion pound futures.

We’re all in it together. One for you, a million for me.

A bunch of xenophobic, racist right-wing imbeciles led by a clown.

Not only are they out of their depth, useless and callous; they are immoral, devious and cynical. Their arrogance is bred into them. They feel entitled.