Poetry – Long and Hard

Long and Hard

I have thought long and hard

About the moon that is so tired;

About the sun that soars above;

About you and me and our timeless love.

Behind me stacks eternity –

A pool of dark; an endless sea.

There ahead the glow must fade

And put an end to all we’ve made.

But for now we must surely shine

Mine in yours and yours in mine.

The sun and moon we’ll give a race,

Our laughter echoes in this place.

Opher 10.6.2015

Long and Hard

You think you have an endless time ahead. You haven’t. It soon passes.

All the things you were going to do and do not get started on.

Before we are born there is nothing and there in the future it becomes nothing again. These magic moments are all we have. It is important that we make the most of every second. It is a wondrous universe and there is much to wonder at. There are lots of lovers, friends and colleagues to laugh with.

Life is wonderful. We have to make the most of the wonders we are surrounded with.