My Views on Trump.

Can we learn from Trump? I reckon so.

I must say Trump and Brexit have sorely tested my faith in democracy.

I judge Trump on what he did.

He actively promoted division using racist and derogatory slurs against opponents and inciting his followers to extreme views and behaviour.

He used terrorism, fear of Muslims, fear of immigrants and race as weapons to generate fear and hatred.

He gave lots of tax cuts to the wealthy.

He made misogyny and racist into an artform.

He defunded science – including all the antipandemic teams that Obama had put in place.
He denied climate change and defunded all work on monitoring climate.
He claimed all experts and scientists could not be trusted.

He promoted polluting industries.
He slashed all environmental legislation.
He slashed workers’ rights.

He empowered neo-Nazi groups (like the Proud Boys and KKK).
He backed evangelicals and attacked women’s rights on abortion.
He shouted fake news and undermined the media, promoted conspiracy theories while spouting lies.
He promoted quack solutions to Covid, called in a hoax and conspiracy and put the economy over the lives of people.

He interfered in elections abroad – promoting Brexit, Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage.
He promoted guns and the NRA.

He threatened allies and sucked up to despots and tyrants.
He introduced levels of nepotism, cronyism and self-serving corruption previously unseen.

He jumped on every populist crackpot scheme such as building walls and draining swamps.

He’s made a fortune for himself and his family out of his time in office.

He’s a tax evader, a crook and a conman.

Yes – I think I learnt a lot from Trump. He did everything that I think was crass and stupid and showed clearly how wrong things can go when you put a sociopathic narcissist in charge.