Poetry – Mother


Greens and Blues

And swirling white,

Ocean depths

Jagged heights,

Washed with heat

Bathed in light.

Spheres, spinning


Worlds, evolving


Within the

Green waters


Our sons and daughters.

Out and up

That tempting shore


With tooth and claw.

And we are here

To gaze in awe

At stars and space

The things of yore.

On spinning globes

In the greens and blues

We don our costumes

Of many hues,

Stare at that endless sky

And question why.

Opher – 18.11.2020

The story of life – played out all around us on the delicate crust of a tiny rock.

Nurtured by a star, travelling through space, fragile and vulnerable. We are life.

Evolved sufficiently to contemplate our own incredible existence, the wonder of an infinite universe and our own fates.