More Futile Gestures – Now available in kindle version

My latest book of ‘poems’ is available in Kindle version.


It’s the beginning of 2023 and things are looking dire. The country has been ravaged by twelve years of heartless Tory rule, robbing the poor to give to the rich. The Ukraine war is rumbling on without an end in sight. The destruction and attrition are appalling.

China, Iran and South Korea are becoming belligerent and threatening.

Global warming is already making itself felt. The future is looking grim. The destruction of habitats and extinction rates are rising fast. Nature is being destroyed.

The buffoons, sex-pests and idle, over-privileged conmenTrump and Johnson are threatening come-backs.

We haven’t gotten over our thirst for populist fools with non-existent solutions. We seem to like the lies and bluster. We vote for over-privileged millionaires despite knowing they are conmen of the nastiest type who are in it for themselves – psychotic narcissists.

The damage done by Brexit is reducing the country to a state of ruin. The people who engineered it are making millions at the expense of the rest of us.

We have widespread strikes across the country because of the Cost of Living Crisis and Energy Crisis leading on from the cuts and austerity.

Baroness Mone goes on a luxury £6,000 a day holiday while hard-working people can’t afford to turn on the heating or put food on the table for their kids.

Nobody from the government is listening. The only answer they can think of is to bring in hard anti-strike legislation and go on with their union bashing.

The Tory propaganda machine is in full throttle.

The country is in a terrible mess.

The world is in a terrible mess.

In the midst of war, poverty and political nastiness a lone voice is heard calling above the clamour.

‘I know exactly what the world needs – It’s a book of futile gestures!’

This is my book of futile gestures.

Opher Goodwin 5.1.2023

PS – I did include some other types of poems towards the end to celebrate our voyage on this wondrous planet as we journey through infinity.

Life is good.

What the world needs now are more futile gestures!!