War has moved on!!

The Ukraine war has shown that war has moved on.

Planes, tanks and ships are obsolete. They can all be easily blown up with cheaper missiles.

We are now in the age of drones and missiles.

Putin has discovered that his planes, tanks and ships are highly vulnerable. It has become a lot harder to invade another country.

Troops can quickly deploy hand-held antitank missiles. Tanks, helicopters, planes and ships are sitting ducks.

A country does not need offensive weapons. It needs defensive weapons.

Does this make things better or worse?

If a country develops an infallible missile to take our nuclear ballistic missiles would that make things safer or more dangerous?

Would a country use first strike if they thought they could get away with it?

I think we’re in for a major arms race!! More money wasted!! Vast sums down the drain!! Utter madness!!