This doesn’t add up????

  1. An incompetent clown with a haystack on his head.
  2. A government that is utterly useless
  3. Among the worst death-rate in the world from Covid-19
  4. The worst hit economy in the G7
  5. Incompetent management of tracing apps, track and trace
  6. Complacency and dithering leading to tens of thousands of deaths.
  7. 124,000 British deaths compared to 36 Vietnamese deaths and 26 New Zealand deaths
  8. A government intent on making the public servants and poor pay for its own blunders
  9. Continuous lying
  10. Cronyism beyond belief – millions given away to Tory donors
  11. A government that has produced a disastrous Brexit.that will cost us all jobs and a fortune
  12. Arrogance and stupidity
  13. Callousness and uncaring attitude
  14. 7 points clear in the polls

I find that hard to believe.

It actually destroys my faith in the intelligence of the British people.

It rocks my faith in democracy.

Are the British people really that stupi and gullible????

I think they are!!!