Poetry – Guilty As Charged!!

Guilty As Charged!!

He lied to the public,

                Lied to House and Queen

No honour!!

                No integrity to be seen!!

A Prime Minister

                Investigated for a crime!

An ongoing farce

                In this torrid pantomime!!

He denied and he lied

                But refused to resign!!

Of any shred of decency –

                There isn’t any sign!!

Through many a rule and law

                This buffoon has barged!!

Arrogant clown with ego enlarged

                GUILTY AS CHARGED!!!!!


Hearing Boris Johnson pleading for his job, saying sorry and promising not to do it again, is like watching a serial wife-beater crying and pleading, saying he’ll never punch her again.

You know he will!!

Lying is what he’s done all his life.

Serial killers, serial rapists, alcoholics, gamblers and wife-beaters – they’re all the same. Promises and tears, regret and remorse – until next time!!

Another two years of lies, promises and incompetence!! Can we stand it?