Boris Johnson – How to avoid scrutiny and accountability – Dress Up (or hide in a fridge).

Here he is fleeing the country to dress up in lands far away so that he can avoid awkward questions and accountability for his woeful record.

No fridges handy so:

He’s praying to imaginary spirits and donning costumes. He loves dressing up. Nobody can question him when he’s in Hi-Vis. What a plonker!!

I thought all these wonderful Brexit deals were oven-ready and meant to slip into place! All the ones made so far are worse than what we had before!! He needs to dress up! I suggest arrows or stripes!!

Profiteers and Fancy Dress

Now come on – what should we dress up as today? Is it the fighter plane, a tank, the police raid, a factory or just a Hi-Vis excuse??

Is there money to be made??

‘You know, I think they’ve totally forgotten about the MET, Sue Gray and Partygate!!’

‘They’ll forget about the Russian sleaze too!!’

The Amazon – Boca De Valeria

Boca De Valeria – a small village in the Amazon jungle. There were pink river dolphins in the bay and the villagers dressed up in tacky gear to fleece the tourists. All manner of interesting ‘pets’ used to fleece tourists (I only surreptitiously took photos so as not to encourage them.

The school was a spartan place. The church was more lavish. I guess it’s priorities.