Poetry – The Future is Uncertain

The Future is Uncertain

The future is uncertain,

                It hinges on a few men’s actions.

Tribal humanity has a tendency

To align itself in factions.

The truth is glimpsed through shuttered eyes –

                Only seen in fractions.

Our decisions are influenced by bias

                Geared to altering our reactions.

We are constantly manipulated

                And deflected with distractions.

News is a form of control.

What will those few men decide?

Whatever they choose

The repercussions are world-wide.

Different tribes

Conform to what view has been applied.

Opher – 12.3.2022

The reality is that the elite of the vying tribes decide what action to take. It’s a gamble, a game of power politics.

We are informed later.

They then use the might of the media to tell us what to think.

The product of their games is a world in which a small elite flourish while the majority fight for a reasonable standard of life and most fail.

War can be very profitable for some.

Misery is not even factored in.

A nuclear holocaust? A massive humanitarian crisis? A victory at any cost? Who pays the price?