The Corona Diaries – Extract 5

It’s hard to believe now how much life was turned upside down by that virus. It is also hard to believe how useless and deceitful the government were.

This diary is a record of the daily life, thoughts and feelings captured in the moment. I wrote it every day for my blog.

It makes for fascinating reading. An insight into an extraordinary year!

The book is available in paperback, hardback and digital:

The Corona Diaries Pt. 1 (210 days from March 15th 2020 to October 19th 2020): Goodwin, Opher: 9798397064576: Books

The Corona Diaries – Day 103

Posted on June 25, 2020 by Opher

The good weather continues. The loonies flock to beaches and parks. There are raves and street parties. Nobody would believe we’re in the midst of a crisis – but we are.

There were 652 new cases reported today and another 149 deaths. The disease has not gone away.

It would appear that the virus does not like the outdoor life. That appears to have saved us from a second wave….. but there’s time. I think that things will start to happen when they open up pubs and restaurants.

Still no sign of a world-beating app as promised for the 1st June. I did hear that rather than go for the one that is up and running in places like Germany they chose to take on one of their chums – which worked out well didn’t it??

Still no sign of a world-beating test and follow-up system as promised. They chose to bypass the GPs who have a good system already in place!

It is good to have the footie back! That fills a hole. I’m still feeling jaded and I know my efficiency is poor. Perhaps it’s the heat? I haven’t started a new novel for a couple of weeks – but I’ve a number of ideas brewing. I think I will start writing one soon.

I have started writing round to literary agents and publishers now that my new website is up and running.

Today we went for a longish 12-kilometre walk up on the Wolds. It is so beautiful up there. The butterflies were out in force making the most of the sunshine.

Back home I was playing my Meters and sorting some poems.

Stay safe.

The Corona Diaries – Day 104

Posted on June 26, 2020 by Opher

Everything seems almost back to normal. Many people are no longer social distancing. I don’t think they realise.  The number of new cases is up to 1118 new cases today (and that is the known cases!). I think they’ve taken the wrong cues from Johnson. This isn’t over.

In the States the stupid Trumpists have been ignoring Covid and are now suffering – 5000 new cases in Texas today. There are going to be many deaths. Trump is really not leading people right – he’s leading them astray! Bolsonaro is the same. For these two the economy is more important than lives.

Johnson is not much better. His message is too upbeat and unclear. He’s inviting a second wave.

Yes, I believe it is safe to meet up with friends and family – as long as it is outside and people are distanced – otherwise it is not safe.

There was talk of things being different after this is all over. I don’t believe it will be. Everyone will go back to how they were – polluting, being daft and screwing nature. Shame.

Will there be any social change? In the midst of the crisis we were clapping the key workers,. We all came to appreciate all those important people who were keeping us going – the refuse collectors, posties, carers, nurses, cleaners,  drivers, shop servers, shelf stackers, veggie pickers and the rest. All those people who are on zero contracts, a lot of who were immigrants. Suddenly we realised how important they were. We cheered and clapped. Yet these are the people struggling to get by on poor pay and terrible hours. These were the people giving up their lives. These were the people putting their lives on the line for us. People began to question the priorities of our society. The profiteers were walking off with millions and avoiding paying taxes while these people struggled. It looked like things might change.

But will it?? Will the same people be walking off with all the loot? Will there be a different attitude towards immigrants??

Time will tell. But I reckon not.

So today I went for a long walk and found one of my beautiful stoats dead on the road. That seemed to sum it up. Nature was once more under attack. The respite was over. But it was still a beautiful day. There were tortoiseshell butterfly caterpillars on the nettles and butterflies all over the place.

I’ve been playing my North Mississippi Allstars.

This afternoon we had friends round for an SD picnic. Worked well. So good to see people.

Life goes on in lockdown – stay safe everyone!

The Corona Diaries – Day 105

Posted on July 7, 2020 by Opher

This is a long time to be isolated. I think the weight of it has an impact on our psychology. There must be an underlying tension that I’m not even aware of. There is a surreal quality to it because there is this normality behind which are a lot of changes, behind which is an unseen killer. One has the knowledge that walking past someone, touching something, handling the mail, opening a parcel, picking up the newspaper or answering the door, could put you at risk. I feel pretty easy about that. My reasoning tells me the risk is not great, but all the news, the lockdown and isolation creates a tension, puts you on alert, makes your monkey brain work overtime. It can either make you paranoid or sent you the other way into not caring at all. They are both reactions.

I think the key is to relax, reduce risks to a minimum and try to live life as normally as possible.

It’s hard to be normal when we’ve got a Prime Minister who is a fool. His handlers let him off the leash again today. Every time he opens his mouth without a script or autocue. The man is a liability. Today it was trying to shift the blame on to the Care Homes. Typical. They panic, dump covid 19 patients back into Care Homes, creating a major catastrophe, then try to blame the Care Homes. How were people on minimum wage, deprived of PPE and sound advice, meant to deal with that mess?

Today I played my Eels (brilliant), took a walk up my hill for my customary 10 K walk, and decorated the front room. After three days I’m knackered, but it is finished. We’ve now decorated most of the house. Carpet arrives next week and we get back to this strange normality. Tomorrow I plan to chill out and watch the Test Match – with a beer or two!

I’m off to watch a bit of telly!! It’s about all I’m good for!

Stay safe.