Shining the Light

Shining the Light

Shining the light

                On Greenswill

                                On VIP lanes.

Of corruption we’ve had our fill!

Shining the light

                On austerity;

                                Years of cuts

Throwing millions into poverty.

Shining the light

                On naked greed,

                                Hay in the loft,

The public schoolboy breed.

Shining the light

                On depravity;

                                On pig’s heads:

Sexual abuse – it’s a travesty.

Shining the light

                On the NHS;


Run down, left in a mess.

Shining the light

                On education;

                                Hamstrung and broke

Teaching by numbers to the nation.

Shining the light

                On partygate,

                                Rules for us not them,

That sealed Johnson’s clownish fate.

Shining the light

                Of scrutiny,

                                That reveals the corruption

To bring back accountability!

We need the light!!  We are missing the light!!

The media should be the light!

They own the media!

We stumble in the dark.

They laugh at our plight!

For us it’s perpetual night.

Opher – 13.11.2023

We live in corrupt times. The media is bought and sold – spilling out lies and propaganda. Corruption and naked greed rules. Our disgusting leaders are lining their pockets with millions while imposing austerity on us.

It’s a corrupt world.

Power creates monsters of people.

The propaganda works!!

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