There’s a War

There’s a War

There’s a war in Gaza

                A war in Ukraine

                                A war in Syria

                                                Yemen too.

They’re bombing the plaza

                It’s stopping the grain

                                Relations with China get eerier

                                                But war’s nothing new.

There’s a war in the Tory Party,

                In Russia too

                                Civil war in the USA

                                                People torn in two.

They’re all arty smarty

                The red and the blue

                                But it’s us that pay

                                                In this endless coup.

Opher 14.11.2023

Just think if all the money being poured into this mad race to death and destruction could be poured into dealing with poverty, protecting the environment and improving the infrastructure; we could all (and I mean all the world) be living in comfort and luxury.

This is utter madness.

We need a global perspective; an end to religion and nations and a reset set.

It’s not going to happen is it?

We’re caught in an escalating groundhog day in which the weapons become more powerful and the rubble grows.

We’re all the collateral damage.

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