Everything is Crumbling

Everything is Crumbling

Crumbling hospitals

                Crumbling schools

                                Crumbling party

                                                Crumbling fools.

Crumbling councils

                Crumbling  energy

                                Crumbling rivers

                                                Crumbling country.

Crumbling morals

                Crumbling sleaze

                                Crumbling economy

                                                Britain on its knees.

Crumbling Tory Party,

                Crumbling Brexit

                                Crumbling railways

                                                No-one can fix it.

All sold off

                To foreign shores

                                Given away

                                                To friends and whores.

Crumbling Britain

                Going down the drain

                                Thirteen years of cuts

                                                And we know who’s to blame!

Opher – 1.9.2023

For thirteen years they’ve been garnishing us with cuts and austerity while stuffing cash away into the Cayman Islands. They’ve sold off everything they can. Now the rivers are full of sewage, energy requires a mortgage, all the workers are underpaid and the public services are falling apart.

The country is in a mess.

They brought us Brexit on a platter of promises and lies and it’s breaking us.

They used covid to doll out phony contracts and vast salaries to their chums. They’ve been doshing out peerages and appointments.

All morality has gone.

Once they’ve messed things up they ride off into the sunset on multimillion speaking contracts and advisory roles.

All in it together they lied!

We live in the ruins of crumbling Britain – a Tory project in greed.

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