Impossible Questions

Impossible Questions

In the green month of May

                When hedges roll along the lanes

                                In drifts of white and pink;

When dead brown twigs

                Spring forth in emerald

                                Swathes of verdant velvet;

The land is bathed

                In the brilliance

                                Of eternal yellow light;

New life bursts forth

                In an explosion

                                Of impossible wonder

And we are left spellbound

                To ponder on the miracles

                                Of things for which there are no answers.

Opher – 2.9.2023

I think that the running down of summer into autumn; the shutting down of nature, leaves me looking ahead to the wonder of a new beginning.

We are doing the same. We are moving house. Like nature we are shutting down the old and looking ahead, through the desolation of the move, towards a new beginning.

This is our autumn here, the move is our winter and in the spring we will set up new shoots so that we may blossom again. I am looking forward to a fruitful summer.

As to the last verse – the eternal wonder of the miracle of life, nature and the universe – magical events for which there are no answers – I choose not to align myself with mankind’s simplistic solutions of gods and religion. I see that as juvenile. I choose instead to smile contentedly and bask within the awe, the beauty and the splendour. Everything just is. That is enough.

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