The Conspiracy Blues 

The Conspiracy Blues 

Donald’s in his mansion Pretending to be poor.

Asking for donations While playing with his whore.

He thinks that he’s so clever Putting out fake news.

Talk of draining swamps He’s got the old conspiracy blues.  

He used to fire apprentices On the old TV.

Now he’s peddling fascist lies While reciting A to Z.

They’re going to lock him up He’s going to get his dues

No need to build more walls He’s got the old conspiracy blues.  

Making money by the billion. Robbing all the chumps.

He was making Donald great again Now he’s in the dumps.

He’s certainly a fascist Just listen to his views.

Even Putin can’t help him He’s got the old conspiracy blues.  

Opher – 27.8.2023  

It is incredible that millions of Americans are blinded by this wealthy conman. He’s taken them all for a ride. Supporting all the white supremacists and every right-wing cause. He’s the definition of a fascist. He told them he was going to drain the swamp and make America Great again. He’s been building his own swamp. Is this really what America’s become? Is this what the GOP now is? This bunch would probably have supported Hitler!

8 thoughts on “The Conspiracy Blues 

  1. “Is this what America, is this what the GOP has become?” The answer is yes. Also we now see how Hitler could have succeeded to take over a civilized nation. Can it happen here? Yes. Keep up the fight, brother. It ain’t over yet.

      1. I wish the Dems had a more youthful, dynamic, charismatic leader. Do you think they’ll lock Trump up?

      2. No, but I’m still hoping. He’s exploiting the slow pace of the courts just as he and his father legally exploited the tax code his whole life. Exploited common decency. Old Joe Biden is dems strongest candidate. Double yikes.

      3. That’s true about the 14th amendment. Up to the lawyers perhaps. Joe was chosen by dems in 2020 mainly because he could beat trump according to the polls. A lot of good that did! Trump never went away and he might get in again. And even then his boys with their guns are still standing by at the ready. A true fascist threat.

      4. Why is this ultr-right fascism so big in America? I dread the thought of that evil man getting elected again. Just what Putin is holding out for!

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