Disguised as Robin Hood 

Disguised as Robin Hood 

Donald Trump disguised as Jesse James With Top Secrets in his shower.

Took his plane for arraignment While still seeking further power.

You would not think he used to be A very handsome man.

Now he’s just a fat old fascist Whose life is down the pan.  

He looked so obnoxiously nasty As he tweeted his fake news.

Spreading divisive conspiracy While peeing on his shoes.

He tried to steal an election By threatening everyone.

Storming the seat of power And crying for his mum.  

He’s all for draining swamps And building crazy walls

Cosying up to Putin Thinks he’s got the balls.

The reality is he’s a conman, A liar and a thief.

Orange on the outside Yellow underneath.  

He says he’ll make it great again While stuffing billions in the bank.

Screwing whores, settling scores, He doesn’t give a wank.

How are we so easily fooled By a boastful narcissist

Who adores money and power And making everybody pissed.  

Opher – 27.8.2023  

America is a strange place. Half of it never grew out of its Wild West frontier mentality. It thinks it can do exactly as it pleases and solve everything with guns. The result is a macho brand of fascism. Everyone for themselves. The reality is something else. Any trouble and they scarper. Donal Trump was a lousy businessman who squandered his racist father’s inheritance, cosied up tyrants and gangsters and lived a playboy life of depravity with friends like Epstein. He panders to the stupid and the fools were taken in; they elected him. He then proceeded to rob them blind. Now he wants to do it again. He thinks he can get away with murder, stealing Top Secret documents to show off with and probably sell, trying to steal an election that he handsomely lost, tweeting conspiracy and lies to stir up his base and threatening everyone. He is the worst swamp in American history.

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  1. Lol, I’ve been laughing at this mugshot since it came out. I guess he thought he would never get caught and isn’t too happy that wasn’t the case.

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