The Demise of Russia as a Superpower.

This looks like the end of Russia as a superpower. They have shown themselves to be corrupt, inept, poorly equipped with substandard weapons, poorly led and quite useless. If it wasn’t for their nuclear weapons they’d be a complete joke. This war has revealed exactly what poor shape they’re in. All they have is posturing, threats, underhard tactics and brutality. They fight wars as if they are in the early 20th century and deploy torture and heavy-handed intimidation as their only way of controlling people. 

Russia has show itself up. It’s over for Putin.

It remains to be seen how bad the death throes are going to be. Will Putin and the Russian hierarchy resort to nuclear in a last existential gesture? Are their nuclear weapons as unreliable as the rest of their armoury?

It’s a dangerous endgame.

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