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I thought I would update you on my current writing situation:

I currently have two books published with Sonicbond Press that are available through Burning Shed or Amazon:

Roy Harper: Every Album, Every Song (On Track)

Roy Harper: Every Album, Every Song (On Track): Opher Goodwin: 9781789521306: Books

Captain Beefheart: On Track: Every Album, Every Song

Captain Beefheart On Track: Every Album, Every Song : Opher Goodwin: Books

Both books have received glowing reviews which have certainly bouyed me up. Thank you to all concerned.

I have been contracted for two more books with Sonicbond Press. The one on Bob Dylan is due out next month (greatly excited about that) and the one on Neil Young has recently been sent in to the publishers and is currently undergoing editing with a release date as next year.

On top of that I have around 80 other books that are available through Amazon.

These include le on Amazon. These include 29 volumes of poetry, more books on Rock Music, some novels, antireligious writing, art, travel and Sci-fi.

Then, I have produced fourteen novels of Sci-fi published under the alias Ron Forsythe:

Your Site ‹ Ron Forsythe —

I currently have a new Sci-fi novel, The Cabal, that is with a Canadian Publisher at present. I have written one sequel to that vovel – called The Scrolls of Pandora 3, which remains unpublished as yet, and have just begun to write a second sequel entitled Dremeworld..

As well as all that I have also another book of poetry that is halfway through, a book of short stories, which is a quarter complete, and am looking to take on another Rock Music project.

As a novel takes me about a thousand hours of work I think you can see that this keeps me fairly busy. I try to mix my writing in with travel, reading and photography as well as leading a life with my long-suffering wife. It’s a juggling act – but one I am greatly enjoying!

All the best to all of you.

Thank you for all your likes, follows and, above all, your great reviews. You keep me going.

Opher xxx

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  1. Opher, you can write a novel in a thousand hours’ work? My own novel took, by my best estimation, about five times that. It may well be that your creativity works faster than mine. Then again, I am quicker than you at some of the more detailed aspects, like proof-reading.

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