Marooned on a rock

                In the midst of an endless sea

With a bunch

                Of psychotic apes!

No help in sight!

Aggression and greed

                Fuelling a relentless feud

From which

                A dark chasm gapes!

No help in sight!

The whoop and wail,

                Fuss and fight,

Full of

                Macho belligerence!

No Help in sight!

Spawning destruction,

                Pain and death,

A recurrent


No Help in sight!

No hope of rescue

                Barbaric stain

The cavalry

                Are nowhere in sight!

No Help in sight!

The disease spreads

                Like a plague of scorpions,

A toxic

                Pernicious blight!

No Help in sight!

Opher – 4.5.2023

I seriously believe there is some great genetic flaw in human beings. It makes us irrational, aggressive, violent and dangerous.

We seem to enjoy fear, pain and cruelty.

We are plain nasty.

Sometimes I think I am alone, stranded in the midst of these deranged psychotic apes!

4 thoughts on “Marooned

      1. I wish and pray that it gets better for you sooner than later. and now u are also a decade smarter, so m sure u can tide over it.

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