Standing on a ledge

We’re all standing on a narrow ledge.

                Any moment we could fall.

On the edge of an abyss

                Could be at the end of it all.

On the brink of nuclear holocaust.

                We live every single day

As if it was our very last

                As we work, rest and play.

Nothing is at all secure

                Though we pretend it is.

Swerving death every day

                In this game of hit and miss.

We expect every day to repeat

                As if there is no change.

But increment by increment

                We mutate into the strange.

Opher – 2.10.2022

Life is short and fragile. The time when we are young is fleeting. At every turn danger lurks. It’s a wonder anybody lives to old age.

One moment of inattention. One instant of bad luck. One push of a button. One pull of a trigger.

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