A momentous week!!

It is possible that this week could see two of the world’s biggest liars and conmen both being taken to court to start to answer for the crimes they have committed.

In the USA it is possible that Trump will finally end up in court for the Stormy Daniels affair and in the UK Boris Johnson will have to face the music for his lies and antics at Parygate.

The irony is that these crimes are the least of what these two lying charlatans are guilty of. It feels like the gangster Al Capone finally being imprisoned for tax evasion – meanwhile the bodies lie in deep water in their concrete boots

I shall watch with interest to see how these dishonest crooks will lie and prevaricate, squeal and wriggle, in order to get off.

What was it that Trump said? Lock ’em up???

Now all we need is Putin, Bush and Blair in the dock!

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