A Trillion Reactions

A Trillion Reactions

A trillion reactions a second.

                A trillion jolts of electricity.

A trillion tiny elements

                Adding up to one massive miracle.

A network of tiny circuits

                Of chemical switches,

Of binary choices,

                Adding up to a colossal


A mesh of interconnecting strands

                Of pulses

                                Streaming along,

                                                Of waves

Of polarisation,


The sum of chemical parts

                Adding up

To touch

                To sounds

                                To awareness

                                                To pictures

In my mind.

A trillion reactions a second.

                The sum total

                                Of who

                                                I am.

Opher 15.3.23

I am conscious.

That is beyond me and everyone else. We take it for granted.

I am conscious.

I am nothing more than a trillion reactions a second.

How does that work?

Those reactions give me a whole universe.

A miracle of nature.

A product of three billion years of evolving complexity, more wondrous that the universe itself.

A one of?

So incredibly unlikely.

Yet it has happened. I am here. My reactions wrote this.

I’m going to sit here and contemplate that for a minute or two.


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