John Peachey – ‘The State Of The Nation’ speech.

This is a brief rant I sent in response to my Aussie mate who is equally frustrated with the way things are…

“I must say, I’m getting fed up with the news – news from all directions. 

Half the country striking, half the country unable to afford a satisfactory living. Denigration/sabotage of a voice we rely on, the BBC. Continual lying from MPs. Stupid Brexit. 

Relentless China/Russia/Ukraine, Iran/Afghanistan – you name it. Plight of migrants etc.

Sewage into rivers, plastic into oceans, fake news, conspiracy theories, earthquakes, floods, fires, famine…oh, and pestilence.  Amazon destruction, biodiversity/wildlife depletion, climate change. etc. 

Mining on the Moon, colonising Mars for heaven’s sake!

1% of the world’s rich owning half the world’s wealth, country estate owners from Cornwall to Scotland attempting to deny the right to roam. 

It’s not like it’s all something that happened a long time ago.  It’s happening right now in front of our very eyes and it is we who are causing it (probably not the earthquakes! and probably not ‘me’). 

I don’t know if ‘fed up’ quite does it justice! 

In the words of Jonathan Pie, what the f is going on?

Oh…and not to forget Rishi Sunak who has just had his local electricity network upgraded at a cost of tens of thousands of pounds to meet the power demands of his new 40ft swimming pool and gymnasium. (He paid for the work himself…he can afford it. He’s one of those 1%!) Meanwhile, the local council-run baths are having to reduce opening hours to cut down on operating costs.

Enough, enough, you get the drift. End of rant!”


(Then we have bird flu crossing into mammals and killing dolphins and seals – the next pandemic?)


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