The Dreams of a Daffodil

The Dreams of a Daffodil

Warm, gentle rain, trembling on leaves.

A sigh of a kind breeze nodding flowers.

Dreams of a daffodil.

Glow of orange sunshine on welcoming green.

Shimmering softly in the afternoon.

Dreams of a daffodil.

Yellow flowers open to the throb of bumble bee wings.

Shedding sticky orange pollen on furry backs.

Dreams of a daffodil.

Gradually slithering root hairs

Pushing between the coarse grains of soil,

Exploring, seeking, sucking up water,

Soaking up minerals.

Dreams of a daffodil.

Opher – 14.3.2023

Yesterday, while out on my walk through nature, this floated into my mind.

I often have these strange thoughts.

I’m sure that plants are conscious.

Just because they do not move does not mean they cannot think. A plant is so much more biochemically complicated than us.

I wonder what dreams flit through their minds?

I wonder.


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