Take Heart Too – a poem.

Take Heart Too – a poem.

Take Heart Too

Take heart from those who see the bigger picture

And realise they are minor players

Within a mighty stroke of luck

That gave us eyes to see;

For they are aglow

With understanding

And see each second

As a gift.

Opher 16.6.2018

I wrote this as an adjunct to the previous piece. It always seems amazing to me that evolution has provided us with the brain, consciousness and senses with which to glimpse this most amazing universe. What a stroke of fabulous luck! We should celebrate every second of it.

Consciousness is a thing of wonder.

What if there were no conscious beings to witness the majesty of this cosmos? What a waste.


2 thoughts on “Take Heart Too – a poem.

  1. Evolution is fascinating. So much had to happen just perfectly for us to even exist and the fact that it did is amazing. I’m glad we’re here to witness the cosmos and all the beauty this universe has to offer us.

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