Neil Young Book – 1st Draft!! COMPLETED!!!


I have just put the last full stop to the Neil Young book I’ve been commissioned to write!! Way ahead of schedule.

This last month or so I’ve listened to every single track Neil produced in the 1960s! It’s been awesome. I’ve been reading, hearing and thinking about Neil Young all day, every day. I’ve even found myself dreaming about him and his music. I know! I’m in grave danger of completely losing my mind!

Hopefully, I can now take a bit of time out and I may make a complete recovery!

It’s been a journey through the past, as a bit of a loner in constant search for my cinnamon girl I can tell you, for what it’s worth that I am a child who has been flying on the ground down down down by the river.

Fortunately this experience of Neil immersion doesn’t seem to have affected me in the least – and that’s one for the birds!


6 thoughts on “Neil Young Book – 1st Draft!! COMPLETED!!!

    1. The man’s a genius Pooj. I’ve been so fortunate to be asked to write books on five of my absolute favourite songwriters: Roy Harper, Captain Beefheart, Nick Harper, Bob Dylan and Neil Young. How lucky can anyone be?

      1. No. It’s like being paid (a pittance… but…) to do something you love. Now I need to get my Sci-fi properly published.

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