This Lady is not for Turnips. Dave Burnham’s astute observations on food shortages!

EU supermarkets aren’t experiencing the same level of shortages.

Energy and fertiliser costs are affecting production in N. Europe (and particularly the U.K.) so with limited supplies and the increased complexity in exporting to the U.K., they are favouring the easier routes and putting the U.K. down the list.

EU lorry drivers are fed up with time-consuming queues post-Brexit.

U.K. farms are struggling to attract workers from their own country and migrant workers have been discouraged.

U.K. economic uncertainties have discouraged some farms from reaching their normal production levels.

So, a mixed bag of causes.

Perhaps a dressed rehearsal for when the remaining post-Brexit import controls of goods from the EU to the U.K. will finally be applied towards the end of 2023 … unless the government delays for a 5th time.


 yep, a combination of the Tories not levying windfall taxes (except for gas/oil produced here) on energy companies and the ramifications of Brexit. Pro-Brexit press and supporters say it has nothing to do with it, but there is an impact – which will really hit early next year if the import controls are finally introduced, because a large chunk of EU exporters haven’t done anything about preparing and/or aren’t inclined to when they can see other (easier) potential markets.

The government’s response will be to advise supermarkets etc to increase imports from other sources … greater distance = greater cost, therefore food prices will increase even further.

I assume Coffey will be publishing a book of turnip recipes.

2 thoughts on “This Lady is not for Turnips. Dave Burnham’s astute observations on food shortages!

  1. Oh dear, Opher. High energy costs are mainly due to green schemes. Made worse by Putin, true; but more because “green energy” is not reliable, and must be backed up by other sources of energy, which have their own costs to be added to the “green” energy costs.

    As to fertilizers, it looks as if they are trying to do a Sri Lanka on us by the back door. Another green policy that hurts real people.

    And as to EU lorry drivers, they kicked them out a year or so ago using IR35! No wonder they don’t want to come back.

    This has nothing to do with Brexit. It’s all about controlling us. Indeed, the worst control freaks, like Theresa May, were against Brexit, even if they couldn’t admit it publicly.

    1. While I would certainly agree that we are being controlled, Neil. I don’t share your view on who and how. It’s nothing to do with the Green agenda. Green energy is now cheaper than polluting sources. Yes it still has intermittancy problems and will do until such time as we devise simple, cheap storage solutions. Until then we will need back ups. But I would suggest that either we develop better batteries or look at solutions that are cheap and not intermittent – like geothermal, wave, tide and hydroelectric. The Severn barrier or Carsdiff or Swansea lagoons. Yes, even one at Hull would generate huge amounts of electricity. We need some investment.
      The people controlling us are big business – like the oil companies and the very wealthy. They all buy their politicians.

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