Tributes to Rock genius – Jimi Hendrix

Another extract. If you like Rock music.

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Jimi Hendrix

It always brings a blast of great sadness when I think of Jimi. He was not only one of the most exciting acts I have ever seen but a genius of a musician. I cannot help wondering if he would still be with us today if things had not been so messed up that day when he was found unconscious. Was there a great panic because of the drugs in the house? Did his girlfriend just go to pieces? Were there phone calls and discussion? Was the flat cleared up before the ambulance was called? Did it take longer than it should have done? Then why did the ambulance take so long to arrive?

They are questions that haunt me. It was such a tragic loss. Jimi was only twenty seven years old. The music he was producing was prolific, original, exquisite and well beyond what anybody was…

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