Tributes to Rock genius – JJ Cale

An extract from the book.

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JJ Cale

JJ produced a laconic, lazy sounding style of guitar and singing that became known as the Tulsa sound. That guitar had an edge to it and rolled along drawing you into it. JJ produced a series of the most wonderful riffs. That sound was created out of an amalgamation of Rockabilly, Jazz, Folk, Blues and Country. It is instantly recognisable.

We have Eric Clapton to thank for bringing JJ to our attention. Eric covered a number of JJ’s songs including the incredible ‘Cocaine’.

Starting with ‘Naturally’ which featured the wonderful ‘Call Me the Breeze’, which summed up JJ, ‘Magnolia’ and ‘After Midnight’ he produced a string of wonderful albums of a consistent standard. It was the fourth album that spawned the great ‘Cocaine’ that brought him to a wider audience.

JJ died of heart failure in 2013 at the age of 74. I would loved to have seen…

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