Strikes Strikes Strikes

Strikes Strikes Strikes

Nothing works

                From one end to the other.

We’re all on strike!

                There is no one to cover.

Not enough to buy the food

                Not enough to heat the house,

To feed the kids

                Or feed the spouse.

Twelve years of cuts

                Has eaten life away.

A fair day’s work

                For a fair day’s pay.


                                                Not the Tory way.

Plenty for the Tory donors

                Plenty for Tory Lords

Nothing for the worker

                From the pay review boards.

Nobody is listening.

                The Tories just don’t care.

The country is wrecked by strikes.

                We’re not going anywhere!

The heart of the problem

                Are the cuts and austerity.

Giving to the rich

                Creating poverty.

Opher – 3.1.2023

Isn’t it obvious?? For twelve years the Tories have been cutting the pay of the poor to give to the rich.

They run out of anything to cut.

When you can’t put food on the table or heat the house what are you meant to do?

The world’s fifth largest economy can’t afford to pay its workers a fair wage. That says everything about priorities.

There’s plenty of money for bankers, for peeresses and donors – but none for hardworking people.

Bang your empty pots and pans for the key workers. Maybe the noise will fill their stomachs.

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