The Wet Rag speaks!

In the midst of a crisis, the country looks for a mighty leader. The Wet Rag speaks.

We want answers! We want a way to end the strikes. We want this mighty leader to look for both short-term and long-term answers.

We want negotiation, compromise and solutions so that the strikes can end! We want fairness and strength.

We want someone who will recognise the real problems that working people are facing; someone who will help them.

We want leadership.

What do we get? The invisible man hiding in Johnson’s fridge. We get a knee-jerk Tory reaction to hammer the unions and make striking illegal.

We get an announcement about making all kids study maths until they are eighteen – though there aren’t enough Maths teachers as it is because the pay’s so bad.

Does this address the problem?

Would you follow this wet rag into the Valley of Death??

I'd like to hear from you...

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