Poetry – They are armed

Who are they?

They are armed

They have a lot of weapons in their armoury.

They have the money to employ the best.

They use unemployment as a threat

And deploy it as a warning,

To demonstrate their power and control.

They use the media to disperse their lies,

To provide the spin, spread the fog and obfuscate

The issues.

They use the media to undermine, to destroy

And ridicule.

They use the media for propaganda.

The tactic is to divide and rule.

They use their privilege to gain advantage.

They buy people.

They subvert rebellion by incorporating it.

They rely on deference.

Their lies are deployed in volleys –

A bombardment of fear.

They had established an establishment,

Set in concrete.

The police are in their pockets.

The army follow their instructions.

They use their power to confuse and subjugate.

They are not restricted by nation.

Theirs is network spread throughout the world.

They know who they are.

Opher – 20.11.2019

Every election, every law, every representative, every move, is subject to their interference.

Their fingers are in every pie.

Through lobbying, bribes, corruption, donations and threats they control the world.

Money doesn’t speak – it shouts!

Who are they?

2 thoughts on “Poetry – They are armed

    1. I’m not sure how that is going to change. The wealthy control things. But they do need to lock up Trump and Johnson and Bolsonaro have been kicked out! Things are looking up!

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