4 thoughts on “Bali – Sunset on Jimbaran Beach – Magic!!

    1. Great to hear from you Georgina. Everything is good this end. Liz is just getting over a really nasty cold that led to a horrible chest infection but she’s on the mend. We’re looking forward to great things this coming year. I’m busy writing! Where are the two of you? How’s that book of yours?
      We too are looking ahead to some positive changes on the political front (and war front). You can almost feel the pendulum swinging back.

      1. We are in Marple, by the Pennines and both fighting off that nasty ( non covid) cold. My recent post is about a short story just published with Bridge House who will eventually publish my novel. I do wonder about the pendulum though! Keep well and good to hear from you too.

      2. Great to hear! Congrats! Getting published is not easy! I’m still trying to get my Sci-fi fixed up. The Rock stuff is doing well though. This is one nasty cold bug. Everybody seems to have it. Get well soon.

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