Another WEAK Tory Leader held in the clutches of the extreme, rabid-right, ERG!!

This bunch of loathsome extremists, to the right of Ghenghis Khan, have brought down every single Tory Prime Minister – Heath, Thatcher, Major, Cameron, Johnson, May, Truss – and they’ll do for Sunak too!

They brought in an extreme form of Brexit that has crippled the country.

They purged the party of all moderates and ousted the likes of Rory Stewart and Ken Clarke.

They are a bunch of blinkered, xenophobic/racist fascist yobs who stand for a Trumpist type madness.

Some leaders have tried opposing them and some tried playing along with them. They all failed. They are far too extreme and stupid, too dangerous, to reason with.

They’ve taken over the Tory Party and turned it into a Populist/Nationalist fascist movement looking to become more autocratic and totalitarian by the day.

They are taking over the media (loading the BBC board and banning Channel 4), banning protest and now looking to eviscerate the Trade Unions.

We’re turning into Russia, China and North Korea – more by each passing second!

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