ERG nutcases take on reality!

They are wrecking the country with extreme-right nationalist policies. A nasty bunch of self-serving nutcases.

Opher's World

There is no doubting the extreme damage that Brexit has wreaked on the economy.

There never was a mandate for an extreme form of Brexit.

With such a narrow vote the obvious thing would have been what parliament was pressing for – a soft Brexit. We should have left the EU but stayed in the single market and customs union. That way we would not have damaged our trade, not brought down our GDP, not driven out the skilled workers and crippled the economy, not put prices up, not put us into this deficit, not driven away the financial centre and not caused this further wave of austerity.

Who caused this? The blood extreme right-wing ERG of the Tory Party. A bunch of rabid lunatics!!

The quicker we negotiate to get back into the single market the better!!

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